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F-750 Rollback with Side Puller

Our medium duty rollback is fully equipped with a crew cab to accommodate up to 5 passengers.

Along with the air ride suspension to lower the entire truck to accommodate the lowest and most exotic vehicles as well as the 8.5 foot wide bed to handle large 4×4 trucks with over-sized and over wide tires.

As well as the side puller for any necessary recovery needs, request this truck and you’ll surely be impressed.

Peterbilt Rollback

Our Peterbilt Rollback has a specialty reverse Dovetail bed which allows us to transport a wide range of vehicles like your family van to your night on the town car to your favorite repair facility. Our Peterbilt Rollback is sure to get the job done!

F-750 Duel Line Recovery Truck

Seating for up to 5 passengers plus the towing capacity for small buses, utility trucks as well as family vehicles.

Being a traditional Recovery truck it allows and offers us great capabilities for winching and extractions as well as being a first responding vehicle to any distress call. Find your self in any sticky situation, this is the truck for you.

Kenworth Recovery Unit AKA “BIG GREEN”

This neon green class “C” wrecker is a great piece of equipment for all of your towing needs. Big Green can handle any situation from towing a semi truck to the recovery of all heavy equipment. Big Green can get your truck to your requested repair facility or recover anything that is involved in a sticky situation with it’s (2) 30,000 lbs winches and its 30 Ton Boom.

Big Green is also equipped to pick up your motor home and get you and your family off the roadway safely and securely.

Peterbilt Tractor and Custom Built  53 Foot Triple Axel RGN Lowboy / Bus Hauler

If your truck is broke down, no problem, let Big Green handle that. Our Peterbilt Truck is here for the trailer!

Couple it with our custom built TrailEze 53 foot bus hauler and we can make sure your Motor Coach, Bus, Monster Truck or Heavy Equipment reaches its destination in style.

Road Side Assistance Ranger

No task is to small!! Locked out, out of gas, Flat tire? We have a service truck just to help you.

Motorcycle Towing Platform and Enclosed Trailer

Elite Towing engineered and specifically designed a platform that will accommodate any motorcycle that is in need of a tow.We also have an enclosed motorcycle trailer to haul your baby safely.

So remember to think GREEN when your in need!